Helpful Family Resources (3 of 3)

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Independent Living with IBD

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kzeribi Thank you for sharing this Cole! There are a number of teams working in transitions--this would be a great forum for exchanging tools and experiences!

My attempt to create a data audit form for ICN2. Very open to suggestions for improvement and/or other forms that you have used.

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Traveling Tips

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UCB - Crohn's Scholarship Information

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Family Financial Advocate Intro Letter

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Another good resources for our teens!

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know your rights

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sarahnocito Hey Cole! Did you know that Jim Berman (Advocate Children's Hospital, Park Ridge) wrote an article for CIRCLE in July 2012 on 504 plans for kids with IBD. I'm going to post the PDF of that issue...

Our flyer to promote patient and parent mentoring among our IBD patients.

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Transferring patients losing health insurance? Here is a list of many of the discount drug programs (reduced cost or free) that are offered by each manufacturer.

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